Economic Benefits of WA’s Resources Sector flow Nationwide

The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia (CME) has released its Economic Contribution Survey Results, for the financial year 2015-2016.

The results show the Western Australian resources sector continues to underpin the economic foundations of the state through the contribution of $32 billion in wages and salaries, business purchases, community contributions and government payments. A further $14.6 billion is expended across the rest of Australia.

Data was provided by 46 companies across the Western Australian resources sector on direct expenditure in regards to wages and salaries, purchases of goods and services, community contributions and payments to local and state governments.

CME chief executive, Reg Howard-Smith said the survey results highlight the resources sector is still a very important part of the state’s economy; even as it moves from construction to growing exports through operations.

“The results of this year’s Economic Contribution Survey provide a unique picture of spending by Western Australia’s resource sector showing the economic benefits flow through to communities across the state and beyond,” Mr Howard-Smith said.

“The benefits are far-reaching. Each and every community in Western Australia has local residents who work in the industry and businesses who supply goods and services to the sector.

“While the combined economic contribution of these Western Australian resources companies to Australia was $46.6 billion, the contribution of the sector is not just an economic one.

“There are 886 arts, education, health, sports, indigenous, environment and social organisations across the state who receive support from the sector. Companies are aiding community organisations to deliver services and programs in the broader community.”

Fact sheets on the economic contributions of these companies have been broken down by statistical divisions, State legislative council and legislative assembly electorates and Federal electorates and can be found on CME’s website.