Emma Stevenson
Downstream Production technician
Category Nomination Outstanding Operator/Technician/Tradeswoman

Emma Stevenson, Electrical Instrument (EI) Technician, commenced her career as a Process Technician with Kimberly Diamonds then joined BHP Billiton Nickel West Leinster as a Process Technician in 2008. Emma recently completed her apprenticeship and has secured an EI Technician position.

In a non-traditional field for women, Emma has performed exceptionally well and is developing to achieve her potential in academic studies and on-the-job trade skills. Emma worked hard to complete her Capstone ahead of schedule in 2013, and gained praise and respect from lecturers, fellow students, tradespeople, supervisors and department leaders.

Emma is an active fundraiser. She is a member of the Perth Belles group, a branch of the Country Women’s Association that organises social and fundraising occasions for young women in Perth. She is also a member of the BHP Billiton Matched Giving program.

Heidi Edwards
Maintenance Integration Superintendent
Rio Tinto
Category Nomination Outstanding Young Woman In Resources

Heidi leads the maintenance engineering team responsible for Rio Tinto Iron Ore’s hydrocarbon assets across the Pilbara. Heidi’s vision is for her team to be leaders in their field, achieving best practice in design, commissioning and maintenance. Heidi’s experiences in the resources sector have developed her passions for engineering, innovation and leadership.

Some of Heidi’s career highlights include managing a $3.2 million upgrade of a new fuel facility, at less than 65% of the original budget in less than 50% of the original timeframe and developing and implementing Pilbara-wide strategies for management of oily water assets and diesel filtration assets, resulting of cost savings of over $1 million.

Heidi is passionate about equipping people to help themselves.With this goal, she has volunteered in various roles, including teaching English to new immigrants, running computer tutorials and developing computer-based tools to help small business owners in automated business reporting.

Kyra Bonney
Category Nomination Outstanding Woman In Resources

Kyra Bonney is a Guburn (Kupurn) woman from the Goldfields region of Western Australia.

Kyra completed a mining traineeship at the age of 19, as the only female Indigenous trainee to complete the course at that time. This provided her entry to a 13-year career with large mining companies, as an operator and blast crew member on remote sites. Kyra developed a passion to help other Indigenous people; hence she undertook tertiary-level studies on a full-time basis. She completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Indigenous Community Management and Development.

Catalysed by the content of her studies and the challenges she faced as an operator, Kyra created her consultancy business, KBIC, in 2012, with a vision of providing services which ‘bridge the cultural divide’ between companies and Indigenous employees and community stakeholders. Her company now provides support to several WA resources companies which are seeking to train and employ and retain Indigenous Australians.

Juggling motherhood, full-time studies, or work, have been significant pressures for Kyra - overcome by remaining strongly focussed on the positive outcomes these endeavours bring. She is the youngest board member of the Aboriginal Lands Trust, Deputy Chairperson for the HALO project, an Indigenous youth leadership program, and a trainer/mentor for Ignite Basketball, a community initiative that uses sport to engage and develop young people in disadvantaged areas.

Rachel Mottram
Calcination Operations Centre Manager
Alcoa of Australia
Category Nomination Outstanding Woman In Resources

Rachel has been a member of both Wagerup and Pinjarra refineries’ lead teams accountable for lean manufacturing improvement initiatives across refinery processes and systems. She has run refinery maintenance and production teams and has significant experience in process engineering complex mineral processing operations in all areas of the Bayer Process.

A significant highlight of her 17-year career with Alcoa of Australia was being promoted to a senior management role at the age of just 30. She became Operating Centre Manager at Wagerup Refinery in 2005, making her the first ‘home grown’ female engineering graduate to secure such a senior position in such a short timeframe and within what is traditionally a male dominated work environment.

Family is an important priority for Rachel. She also has a real desire to make a difference in the world and as such values the opportunity to contribute in her local community. She does that with her family, volunteering at sporting clubs. Rachel’s voluntary involvement with the Alcoa Women’s Network has afforded Rachel the opportunity to be a mentor to other women in the workplace who are entering similar phases of their lives. Rachel has also managed to fit in an MBA; a concerted effort to fit in the study but well worth it.

St Barbara Ltd
Eliminating the Equity Pay Gap
Category Nomination Outstanding Company Initiative

St Barbara has implemented a systematic and sustainable approach to reduce the pay equity gap. Six years ago the human resources (HR) practices at St Barbara were transactional, consisting mostly of recruitment with no linkage to the business strategy. A remuneration strategy did not exist and the pay equity gap was a staggering 43%.

From a standing-start in 2007, St Barbara now has in place a HR Strategy that is hard-wired to the company’s business strategy and approved by the Board. The success of each of the six strategic HR priorities is underpinned by diversity. To support these priorities a comprehensive Talent Management Framework has been implemented. Consistent with the strategic HR priorities, in respect of gender diversity, St Barbara now has:

  • a competitive and effective remuneration system
  • industry-leading parental leave provisions including attractive return to work incentives
  • a gender diversity policy
  • robust gender diversity targets to measure success.

These initiatives are approved by the board, led by the executive leadership team, and reviewed regularly by the board. The gap has reduced from 43% in 2007 to 15.9% in 2013.

Stuart Forrester
Category Nomination Women In Resources Champion

Stuart's passion for diversity comes from his belief that a diverse team creates a challenging workplace that facilitates flexibility and drives growth through differing values, skill sets and backgrounds. This passion is reflected in the work Stuart has been undertaking with the Clontarf Academy and more recently the SHINE program, an education program established in Western Australia.

Stuart believes when you employ the right person, it is much easier and takes less time to up-skill people than change people's values and behaviours. Iluka needed to recruit people with values and behaviours that aligned with the company's, so Stuart facilitated a fundamental change to the way Iluka approached recruitment. The job criterion was altered in order to attract people without previous mining experience. Given that it is difficult to pick up on values and standards of behaviours when reading a resume, it was necessary to broaden the scope of who was interviewed. The interview process was modified to include questions that explored applicants' commitment, integrity and responsibility, which are Iluka's key values.

It was important to have a solid process for up-skilling people who came into the business with no previous experience, so at the same time Stuart improved their training systems to meet the needs of new recruits who had the right values and behaviours, but would need more training to carry out their jobs. By adopting a new approach to recruitment, the number of female employees at Iluka's Narngulu operation increased from 16.5% in 2012 to 25.4% in 2013 and from zero to 20%  in operations crews over the past three years. Instead of one demographic with similar backgrounds reinforcing certain dominant behaviours, Narngulu now has male, female and Indigenous employees of different ages from a range of backgrounds, expertise and experience and a more consistent and higher standard of behaviours.

Iluka’s new recruitment process adds to the company’s reputation within the local, mining and broader communities, with an increasing perception (now reality!) that they provide opportunities for all individuals.