2010 Alumni

Kellie Parker

Manager Rail Operations
Rio Tinto

Category Nomination

At just 37, Kellie Parker has already had a varied career in the sector, from starting as an occupational therapist to now managing part of the rail network.

Within the resources sector, Kellie has successfully held senior leadership roles in areas traditionally male dominated including marine and railways. In these roles, she’s had to establish credibility and develop earned respect through her leadership style rather than technical competence or prior experience.

Kellie shows leadership over the largest, privately owned heavy haul railway in Australia, managing all aspects of operations including a network of 1400km of rail, 11 load outs, two dumpers and a team of 260 people.

Throughout her career, Kellie has driven diversity and equality and fundamentally believes the success of any organisation is its people. She exceeds expectations in this role and manages a young family at the same time. Kellie Parker is Manager Rail Operations – Cape and Inland at Rio Tinto.

Sabina Shugg

Mine Manager
Momentum Partners

Category Nomination

In 2003, whilst working as a senior engineer, Sabina Shugg recognised the need for women working in the resources sector to meet and network with other women in the industry. As a result, Sabina successfully formed the Women in Mining and Resources network in WA (WIMWA).

Sabina is the sole manager of this network and also has a formal role as the WA representative on the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) WIMNet initiative. Since WIMWA’s formation in 2003, the network has now expanded to over 1000 members.
Through the establishment and promotion of WIMWA, Sabina has provided an important focus for women to test ideas, associate with colleagues in non-threatening environments and she has promoted and encouraged mentors and role models for women in the sector.

Sabina’s career has included both resident and fly in/fly out operational roles, and more recently in consulting and project management roles. She has demonstrated, particularly to young women coming through, that traditional progression is open to women as well as men, as long as they are prepared to commit.

Sabina is currently Manager, Mining at Momentum Partners.

Woodside Energy

Diversity Policy

Category Nomination

Underpinning their Diversity Policy, Woodside has developed and implemented targeted flexible work and support initiatives across their business. This has supported workforce diversity and enabled employees to better balance work and home priorities.

Woodside has established a suite of initiatives which include; part-time employment, job sharing, extended annual leave arrangements, modified start and finish times, work from home arrangements, 16 weeks paid parental leave, ‘Women of Woodside’ network group, ‘Work-Life’ workshops, and Childcare: Karratha.

Woodside’s targeted suite of flexible work and support initiatives has delivered many positive outcomes including increased flexible work practices, increased available childcare in Karratha, an increase in women returning to work after parental leave and an increase in the number of women in senior level positions.